While dodging buzz bombs in England, my mom met my future father, also in the service. Dad was a lieutenant in the Army Corp. He met my mom through his brother, who was dating another of the women in The Blackouts.

They were married in Rowledge, England in 1944 before my dad was shipped out to Europe.
He was wounded, ‘twice’, before the end of the war and was relieved from combat duty.
My mom continued to do double duty as a nurse’s aid and entertainer until VE Day. My mom was fortunate to be in Paris when the war ended and experience the overwhelming joy that ensued. After the war, she returned to Canada to be with my dad, and start a family.

An adventure in Europe

My mom enlisted as a 20 year old to be a nurse’s assistant during WW2. She signed on with the Women’s Air Corps RCAF and did her basic training. When the opportunity arose to form an entertainment troupe my mom jumped at the chance. With her dancing and singing experience she was accepted into the musical entertainment group “The Blackouts”.
The Blackouts toured Canada and Europe during the war, providing enlisted servicemen
a much needed distraction from the fighting.

On this Remembrance Day, as we enter into a new conflict of ideologies, I would like to remember my father’s unselfish actions to keep our country free. My dad remained in the service, retiring as a Major in the RCEME Corps when I was just a teenager. He passed away at home a few years ago and is survived by my mom.

My mom is 94 and still sharp as a tack. I thank her for her contributions to the war effort and for providing countless numbers of young enlisted men a ray of sunshine during those difficult years.

Thanks Mom, you will always be dancing in my heart.